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Lava Hot Springs

Lava Hot Springs

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Lava Hot Springs

Astro Imaging

Sony Ericsson W995 duct-taped to a crappy 4mm "Slightly Ramsden" (the only part I brought with me of a Celestron FirstScope I had in Australia), through the C-90 Jim loaned me- my first point of contact with the club, which ended up being a bit of a Ucon "show and tell"- is the Great Conjunction of 2020, with a few of Jupiter's (faint) moons. It's a good "before and after" exercise, showing the power of the digital witchcraft that is image stacking in planetary photography- one of the initial few hundred frames on the top, and the finished stack below: (submitted by Teyen Widdicombe)

Demonstration of the difference a bit of altitude and good seeing makes from August 2021.. a montage of planets taken with an Xperia M-2 on a proper cellphone bracket through a 7.5mm Celestron "Halloween" Plössl (with a variable polariser for Jupiter), and 1980 C-8 and stock diagonal. Top from here in Ucon, bottom from a week later at ~8,000 ft or so, just north of the Sangre de Cristo Range in Colorado. (submitted by Teyen Widdicombe)

I did manage to capture Mars, Venus and Saturn in one frame through my finder with a fancy new 23MP Xperia Z5 earlier this month, which was cool but didn't make for an incredibly dramatic picture what with it being three white dots on a black background! (submitted by Teyen Widdicombe)

2017 Solar Eclipse from Idaho Falls (submitted by Eric Laing)

2007 August Lunar Eclipse (submitted by Eric Laing)